Lowdown with Lucas - October Edition

Lowdown with Lucas - October Edition

In his very first monthly lowdown, our CEO, Lucas Collins, explores how LOX is bringing London into the metaverse, key project news, and the industry insight you need to know.

Lucas Collins · 4 minute read

Hi there, Lucas here—LOX CEO. Thanks for reading my very first editorial and roundup post. I’ll be putting my thoughts into words once a month, to keep our #LOXFamily up to date on all our goals, developments, and news.

This month we’ll discuss how LOX is bringing digital London real estate into the metaverse, some major project news, and a few of my favourite industry reads from the past few weeks. 


Launching London into the MetaLOX metaverse

We’re launching our MetaLOX metaverse with a digital recreation of London! 

The land registry is already open, and you can claim your digital home or business premises right here. Although the first NFTs to be minted will be London addresses, you’ll soon be able to register an address in any part of the world. 

Following a successful launch, we’ll begin the transition towards our next major city. Stay tuned for where this might be!

MetaLOX is powered by Unreal Engine and running on our hybrid blockchain. As we continue to gather data, we’ll be creating exclusive NFTs and in-game designs based purely on the information and feedback we receive. Think Decentraland—except all 3D models will remain editable to the defined owner.

Please check out our @LOXMeta Twitter page for full updates and news.

Key project news

As we develop our infrastructure, I’d like to share these key updates that we’re rolled out over the last few weeks.

New website and whitepaper. I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve updated our website and whitepaper. This went live in early October and outlines our vision, progress, development, and roadmap. To get to know our project and the problem LOX is actively combating, this document is well worth your time.

External to internal moderation. We’re striving to work more closely with the #LOXfamily. Our ambassadors are now fully active in our community channels and are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Join our Telegram and Discord servers to speak directly to our team.

Say no to spam. We’ve heightened our security protocols to make sure our community is better protected against spam-bots, reducing the amount of mail that was previously generated and auto-delivered.

AMA. I recently sat down with our exchange partner Bitrue to talk all things LOX. If you missed it and have a major interest in starting your own blockchain project, I fully recommend catching up here.

Industry news and views

Time for my must-read articles of the month, alongside my personal take on why their so relevant to pushing out industry forward.

Metaverse real estate improves our economy

There’s a lot of discussion on how real-world finances and the crypto market have affected the value of metaverse real estate.

These projects provide jobs for professionals, in industries such as architecture, design, and tech development. Through this, the metaverse is already improving life outside of the digital world and boosting the economy.

It’s brilliant to see how other businesses are expanding into their own metaverse, in a similar way to our own MetaLOX project. Read the full story here.

Gaming is a major web3 entry point

Here’s a great stat: 51 percent of all blockchain activity is accounted for by the gaming sector. 

Right now, there’s no doubt that the gaming industry is a key entry point into web3, blockchain, and crypto. It’s incredibly encouraging to see comments from Phil Spencer, Microsoft Gaming CEO, sharing optimism about metaverse gaming, too.

With big brands beginning to jump on board, more user engagement means more opportunities for businesses and users to expand into metaverse technology. Check it out here.

Metaverse technology will increase smartphone security

Reading about a new metaverse technology to increase smartphone security makes me feel even more hopeful about our LOX goals.

Color Star Technology has created the DONO phone, a slick-looking metaverse smartphone with network security at its core. Their device opens the gates to metaverse technology and effortless communications, with VR, IR, AR, and 5G compatibility all in-built.

More and more companies are now taking smartphone security seriously, and that’s part of our mission here at LOX. You can read this article here.

That’s a wrap on my first lowdown

Thanks for reading, please keep an eye on our social media channels for all updates and news. Lots of exciting things for you to keep an eye out for! I’ll be back next time with another monthly digest on all things #LOX.

See you next time – Lucas.

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