MetaLOX: LOX Partners With AccuCities to Provide an Authentic Digital London

MetaLOX: LOX Partners With AccuCities to Provide an Authentic Digital London

Bringing detailed and highly accurate digital real estate to MetaLOX, AccuCities have mapped 60 square kilometers of London. Our first digital city is already open for land registration. Read on to learn more about our partnership, IDO token stages, and discover how to claim your MetaLOX NFT today.

Mike Belevstov · 2 minute read

MetaLOX has partnered with AccuCities to bring a highly-detailed recreation of London into our metaverse project.

AccuCities is a London-based 3D mapping agency that specialises in 3D city models used for architecture, planning, 3D printing, and more. Creating over 60 square kilometers of a high-detailed and digital London, AccuCities has also developed a number of 3D models for cities across the UK, Ireland and USA. 

They’ve delivered over 1,500 projects to over 230 customers and now they’re helping MetaLOX to deliver a digital real-estate recreation of London in the metaverse. 

Launching London into Our Digital World

We’re launching our metaverse platform with a fully customisable, digital real estate recreation of London. MetaLOX is powered by the advanced real-time 3D tool Unreal Engine and is running on our hybrid blockchain

When live, the first NFTs to be minted will all contain London addresses, but in the future you’ll be able to register an address in any part of the world. Following the successful launch of London into the MetaLOX metaverse, we’ll begin developing our next digital city—so be sure to stay tuned, as MetaLOX could be bringing your city into the metaverse very soon.

In terms of game design, we’re looking to create a digital environment similar to Decentraland, while still maintaining a 3D realestate model that can be fully edited by the NFT owner and providing custom flexibility.

The land registry is now open, and you can register your home or business straight away.

IDO Stages of the LOX Metaverse

We’re rolling out the MetaLOX project over three IDO-centric stages. You can find a full overview of these phases below:

Stage One: October Pre-Sale IDO; 5%, Sologenic and XRP Toolkit, 30,000:1 XRP

Stage Two: November Public Sale; 10%, launchpad to be announced, 20,000:1 XRP

Stage Three: December Exchange Offering; 15%, IEO to be announced, 10,000:1 XRP

With the first stage now live, be sure to keep an eye on all our updates in advance of the public sale and December exchange offering.

Stay tuned for live updates via our social media channels

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