New Weekly Update

New Weekly Update

Welcome back, Lox Family!

We've created a new update schedule to add to our already increased focus in some of our social media channels.

Lucas Collins · 2 minute read

Welcome back, Lox Family!

We tried to change the process a few weeks ago to provide a monthly update, but that system, obviously, hasn't worked well for several reasons. We'll be changing once again to a weekly update and set up in a way that is much more similar to what the #LoxFamily had grown comfortable.

The weekly update is scheduled to publish every Friday and will wrap up what we at Lox Technology accomplished each week.

While this means many updates may be short and things can feel repetitive from time-to-time, it'll allow a more structured communication process to go with, what we hope you may have noticed, our increased presence on our Telegram and Discord.

As for what we've been doing the last several weeks, well, we can't say much actually.

We're in a legal negotiation that will bring a major change in the development process to include adding a community aspect to it. We'll be able to discuss more about the plans over the next few weeks, but please understand that we need to finalize the negotiation before we can state anything as firm.

We've also been making lots of behind the scenes changes in business operations to better our financial viability in the immediate term for our long term health. Fortunately, we had zero exposure to FTX, Alameda or BlockFi, but the effects they had on the entire market have forced us to reevaluate and change some of our strategies.

These challenges happened to coincide with our previous scheduled website update and blog schedule. We're obviously a small business without the staff or resources to look in every direction, but this doesn't excuse our approach. It's definitely something we can build off of and learn from when future obstacles stand in the way.

As for now, we'll continue with our negotiations, development of the SmartLOX mobile security app and MetaLOX progress.

Thank you as always for the support, #LoxFamily!